Kourtney Kardashian reflects back on wedding with Travis Barker: 'Husband of my dreams'

Kourtney Kardashian relieved the magical moment when she married Travis Barker.
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Kourtney Kardashian and her husband, Travis Barker, are celebrating their second anniversary with a series of beautiful and precious photos from their Portofino wedding in 2022. The happy couple tied the knot at the exclusive and private Dolce and Gabbana resort. It was a weekend to remember for Kourtney and Travis, for they had finally found their soulmate within one another.

To this day, Kourtney and Travis are more in love than ever, and they're not afraid to express it. While it may not be everyone's preferred cup of tea, it works for the couple, as it's healthy and theirs alone.

On May 22nd, Kourtney uploaded an endearing Instagram carousel of her and Travis's special day. She was dressed in a custom Dolce and Gabbana lace and satin mini-gown and, of course, the infamous veil embroidered with the Virgin Mary. The unique design was inspired by Travis's tattoos, as he has more than one of the motherly saint inked.

Kourtney called Travis the "husband of my dreams," and she has two years down of forever with him. Travis has nothing but the utmost admiration, love, and respect for her, so Koutney's a fortunate woman.

The new husband and wife were surrounded by friends and family at their wedding, including Kourtney and Travis's children. Andrea Bocelli and his son Matteo performed at the reception, and a DJ rotated many memorable tracks, including Blink-182's hit from 1999, "All the Small Things." Since Kourtney did marry Travis, the famed drummer of the punk band, it's only appropriate to blast his music through the speakers.

It's not a party without blink, as they ignite the excitement within.

It's hard to choose a favorite photo from Kourtney's collection, as they're all sweet. But if we had to choose, we would choose the first and third ones, as we love the bronze and candle detailing and the painting of Mary and Baby Jesus. For the latter, it appears that Mary isn't just admiring her Son but also the love radiating between Kourtney and Travis. If there were a heavenly definition of romance and happily ever after, that photo would be it.

For his part, Travis shared his carousel of his favorite snaps from the wedding. In his, he serenades Kourtney with piano playing as she lies on top of the instrument, absorbing the notes. For his caption, Travis called Kourtney "the love of his life."

Kourtney Kardashian opens up about Rocky Barker's Emergency Fetal Surgery

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In their two blissful years of marriage, Kourtney and Travis welcomed a son, Rocky, in November 2023. In the season 5 premiere of The Kardashians that dropped this week on Hulu, Kourtney shared the harrowing details of her baby's emergency surgery. Travis was on tour in the UK but rushed home when he heard the news.

The doctor arrived at the Barker home and did a check-up on Kourtney, as she was in a high-risk pregnancy. She elaborated with the "stressful" details regarding what she and her husband went through and Rocky's safety.

"The doctor who will come to the house to do the scan is a high-risk doctor, really detailed and thorough at looking for everything. Something caught his eye where he wanted me to see a couple of specialists and I had to go in for fetal surgery where they do surgery on the baby, which was terrifying."

At the time Kourtney was home by herself, but then a miracle was carved out in the timing. For the mom of four, it was meant to be.

"The timing was miraculous. That saved everything. I just feel so grateful for how everything played out and for the doctors [who] really helped make the best decisions that really saved our baby," Kourtney continues with her experience.

Season 5 of The Kardashians is currently airing on Hulu

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