Kourtney Kardashian is totally our vibe when we shop at Target

In a few social media posts, including TikTok and Instagram, promoting her wellness brand, Lemme, Kourtney Kardashian goes into 'Retail Therapy' mode, emulating our feelings when we shop at Target.
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Kourtney Kardashian is having a dose of retail therapy. In a few hilarious Instagram posts and a TikTok clip, Kourtney is having a ball shopping at the retailer Target as she checks out the new Lemme display. She also snaps fun and funny Polaroids to capture the moments. To be honest, Kourtney is completely us whenever we stop at Target,

And the security cameras where you go to do your self checkouts? The new mom looks great in her faux fur jacket, NY cap, and sunglasses.

In early January, Lemme began their partnership with Target, and four of their products, Glow, Purr, and Chill, dropped on the shelves. Now, costumers don't have to worry about running out of their favorites and can get some shopping done in the process.

Overall, it's not a bad idea, as the Minnesota-based discount chain has pretty much everything at reasonable prices. Shoppers save even more with their RedCard and Target Circle offers.

In the second set, Kourtney rides the conveyor belt with her gummies in tow, living her dream that the business she has worked so hard for has found a new home at Target. That's a massive accomplishment for a company that has been in operation for less than two years.

Kourtney Kardashian debuts Lemme Purr in capsules

Lemme Purr, the gummy supplement designed for optimal female health, has now entered its capsule phase. The latest in the lineup, the capsule does nearly everything its predecessor does. There are minimal differences, including being sugar-free, as the gummy contained three grams of the sweetener, and having a probiotic strain specifically designed for a healthy urinary tract.

More things will come for Lemme in 2024 as it heads into its third year. Simon Huck, Kourtney's business partner, revealed that new "completely innovative" products will be introduced throughout the year.