Kourtney Kardashian's vitamin company Lemme drops new clothing line

Kourtney's Lemme just launched unique clothing pieces as part of its 2024 expansion.
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Kourtney Kardashian's wellness company, Lemme, is expanding its merchandise choices as part of its 2024 business module. In case you have never heard of Lemme, it's a supplement brand that includes gummy vitamins and capsules for a range of optimal health benefits. The current lineup of supplements consists of probiotics, sleep aids, vaginal health, and energy boosts, and they come in a lavender-hued bottle made from recycled plastic.

On May 14th, Lemme officially launched its new product, and this time, it's not edible. However, you can look your very best in the limited edition Lemme clothing line, the company's latest installment. The collection consists of velour tracksuits, sweats, hoodies, and trucker hats in Lemme's signature lavender color and the everyday black. If we were to be honest, it gives a total Y2K fashion vibe and a nod toward the Original It Girls of the period.

Lemme and Kourtney posted previews of the collection on their Instagram pages, and they have garnered a ton of likes. Additionally, we think the lavender shade looks gorgeous on Kourtney, as it complements her dark hair and eyes. She's definitely taken a page out of her sisters' business books, as Kim, Khloé, and Kylie all have their own fashion lines.

You can see the entire collection for yourself below!

In Kourtney's post, she models the velour tracksuit, and as an adorable bonus with a Y2K aesthetic, the word Lemme is written out in pink bling. If you lived through the 2000s as I have, the wording on tracksuits was a popular fad. Although I didn't wear it as it wasn't my style level, it's refreshing to see it making a comeback.

Another Y2K trend in Kourtney's post? The landline, the "boss" of communication then and AOL Chat rooms for having those nonverbal conversations with your friends.

Where can the Lemme clothing line be purchased?

The Lemme clothing line collection can be purchased exclusively on the brand's site at lemmelive.com and comes in a wide spectrum of sizes from XS to XXL. The prices start at $30 (the hats) and scale up to $75. For a two-piece set, it'll be $150, excluding shipping and taxes.

This year, Lemme supplements dropped in Target stores nationwide, making it easier for loyal customers to purchase their favorites if they prefer to shop in-store rather than online.

We wonder what other surprises Lemme will drop this year? We just have to wait and see!

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