Selena Gomez shares her favorite song by BFF Taylor Swift in a recent discussion

Unveiling Selena Gomez's Musical Affection: From "Wildest Dreams" to Ariana Grande, Exploring Her Playlist Chronicles
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Selena Gomez always reserves a spot in her playlist for a particular Taylor Swift song. The "Only Murders in the Building" star, while guest-hosting Sirius XM Hits 1, revealed that among her BFF's plethora of hits, "Wildest Dreams" holds a special place.

Expressing her admiration, Selena shared:

""I think this is one of her, if not, I mean, I guess I shouldn't say this, but I do think it's one of her best songs.""

Selena Gomez

She praised the song's exceptional quality, from the lyrics to the melodies, making it a personal favorite that she blasts regardless of her mood.

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In her role as a guest DJ, Selena also featured tracks by Doja Cat, Frank Sinatra, and Ariana Grande. She spoke highly of Ariana, describing the empowering feeling she gets while listening to her. Selena expressed her admiration, stating:

""I feel so empowered, and I think she's incredible, and I just have so much fun, so is the girl that's playing Ariana all the time, and I think people kind of notice that, but I love it. I think she's amazing.""

Selena Gomez

While Selena confidently declared "Wildest Dreams" as her favorite Taylor Swift song, choosing a favorite Taylor album proved challenging for her. This struggle surfaced when she attended Taylor's Eras tour twice last year with her little sister, Gracie Elliott Teefey.

In an interview with Most Requested Live, Selena shared her difficulty picking a favorite album, stating:

""I can't pick one. I love all the eras. It took me back in time, especially because I've lived so much life with her, so I felt like my entire childhood was flashing before my eyes and my 20s.""

Selena Gomez

The Disney alum emphasized the special moments created for each album, making it impossible for her to choose a favorite.

Selena's musical journey, intertwined with Taylor Swift's iconic career, reflects the enduring bond between the two friends. As Selena continues to celebrate and appreciate the diverse eras of Taylor's music, her playlist remains a testament to the timeless impact of their shared experiences.

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