Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes praises Taylor Swift for Chiefs' global fame

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback expressed appreciation for Taylor Swift for putting his team into the international limelight.
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs / Luke Hales/GettyImages

Patrick Mahomes may have won Super Bowl LVIII in a tight match with the San Francisco 49ers in February, but he's forever grateful for Taylor Swift. The pop singer, who is currently dating Mahomes' teammate and friend, Travis Kelce, and has a new album dropping this week, is responsible for putting the Chiefs on the global map—something that the quarterback wasn't expecting.

In a new interview with Time Magazine, published on April 16th, Mahomes had nothing but warm words for Swift and what she has done for his team. Since meeting Swift at a game afterparty in September, following a historic game against the Chicago Bears, Mahomes considers her a good friend. His wife, Brittany Mahomes, is equally close to Swift and has been seen sharing booths on game days and the Super Bowl.

Taylor Swift, Brittany Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes
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"I've met [many] famous people in my life," Mahomes states in the interview. "Taylor's probably the most down-to-earth person that's been on that stage for that long."

When it comes to Swift's work ethic, she's one of the hardest working artists in the industry. For her several accomplishments, she gained Grammys, VMA's Moon Men, iHeartRadio Hearts, and was even nominated for Golden Globe for her ERAS Tour film.

Mahomes is impressed with her abilities and has never seen Swift take a break regarding her profession.

"[Taylor's] never not working," Mahomes continues in his interview. Even when she's taking her downtime, she's working on something—shooting a music video, singing a song, or writing a song. You can see it by how she talks."

Swift is eager to learn more about football and its statistics, which is likely one of the many reasons why the Chiefs acquired global fame. That and the fact that she's in a relationship with Kelce.

"Even when [Taylor's] talking about football, when she's learning it, you can see her business mind putting it together. It's almost like she's trying to become a coach. 'Why can't you try this, this, and this?' She's asking the right questions."

Thanks to Swift, she has made the KC Chiefs an international household name, due to her immense fanbase known as the Swifties, and achieving record-breaking ratings for the games. It's something that Mahomes credits her for.

"The [Kansas City Chiefs] went from a nationwide team that was kind of global to a full global, worldwide team," explained Mahomes. "That came from Taylor's fanbase."

Mahomes further believes that football is a fun sport in which children can be themselves and let go.

"We like having that visibility. At the end of the day, football has always been this bruising sport. We want to make it fun, where kids grow up, play football, show their personality, and be who they are—this year really magnified that."

As for Super Bowl LVIII, that game was one of the most watched in television history, peaking in at 123.4 million viewers.

How the tragic Chiefs shooting opened up Patrick Mahomes and Taylor Swift's hearts even further

Patrick Mahomes Taylor Swift
Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Following their Super Bowl win and Mahomes earning MVP of the Chiefs, tragedy struck. During the celebratory Kansas City Victory Parade on February 14th, a shooting occurred. Eleven of the victims (there were 40 in total) were injured children.

For their part, Mahomes and Brittany donated $50,000 to his team's nonprofit, KC Strong, which financially supports first responders, victims, and their families. The organization partners with United Way, a nationwide nonprofit that assists in community support.

Mahomes and his wife also visited Madison and Meila Reyes, two young girls, at Children's Mercy Hospital while they were recovering from their parade-related injuries.

Swift made two $50,000 GoFundMe donations to the family of Lisa Galven-Lopez, who was the only fatality. She left behind two young children. Kelce followed Swift's heart and made a $100,000 donation to the Reyes family.

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