The Kardashians: Khloé Kardashian is all about the baby goats

Khloé Kardashian thought about bringing another animal home.
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Is Khloé considering bringing home another baby? Khloê and her best friend Malika Haqq stopped at Underwood Family Farms to check out the babies in the latest episode of Hulu's The Kardashians. The baby goats, that is.

The Good American founder thought that her six-year-old daughter, True Thompson, and her near-two-year-old son. Tatum Thompson would enjoy a goat. After all, the farm animal is adorable, can provide nutrition with milk, and you won't need a lawn mower as the goats will nibble on the lush grass. Yet, like nearly all animals, goats are a big responsibility, requiring care, cleanup, and loving attention.

Is a goat a good idea for Khloé's household? Having one will teach her kids the value of hard work, and since True is already a "mom" to her Russian Blues Gray Kitty and Baby Kitty, she might like the task of goat care.

"Malika and I are going to go to Underwood Farms to look at some miniature goats. I don't think True wants a goat, but I want one for her," Khloé revealed in the episode before heading out to the farm located in Moorhead.

As Khloé and Malika entered the goat pen, they were greeted by several of the cutest small goats in multiple colors. Malika kept getting bit by one, while Khloé had one jump onto her lap and attempted to "eat" her earring and jacket.

"True would die. Should I Facetime her?" Khloé then calls her daughter to see how she reacts to the goats. While happy to see the goats, she isn't quite fazed by them. I haven't known any child who wasn't impressed by goats, especially the miniature ones. They're adorable and active, but I guess not every child will be the same.

Did Khloé Kardashian wind up getting a goat?

Following her call with True, Khloé was still unsure whether a goat would be a good family fit. So, she asked the farmhand how big the animals got when they reached full size. When fully grown, a miniature goat can measure 16-24 inches in height and weigh under a hundred pounds. Females are slightly smaller.

"How big do these guys get?"

"[The goats] are going to get up to a small or medium-sized dog," the farmhand explained. The Underwood goats are pygmy and weigh no more than sixty pounds for females and no more than seventy for males

After seeing one of the male goats named Carl to hump a female, Khloé came to her decision. Aside from Carl, there was another factor. And it involves the messy part.

"This is what's great about trial runs, because I definitely didn't think everything through," Khloé said in her confessional. "Like, okay, [the goats] poop like this. Got it. Little pellets everywhere. Like, they just pee wherever and whenever. Things like that wouldn't really fly. No, not really our vibe."

Khloé and her kids have two beautiful cats already, so they're enough for right now.

The Kardashians stream every Thursday on Hulu.

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