Kanye West Gives Free Concert in Armenia, in Lake [VIDEO]


Kim Kardashian is overseas visiting Armenia and exploring her heritage. Her husband Kanye West is in tow with their child as well.

While there, West decided to drop by and do a free concert.

Kardashian posted about the event on social media letting fans know ahead of time, also recounting the events from the evening after the fact.

It was a short set, he opened with “Stronger” and performed “Jesus Walks,” “Power,” “Touch the Sky” and “All of the Lights.”

You might have noticed something unusual about one of Kardashian’s tweets… That’s right, one of those tweets includes Kanye West performing in a lake.

During “Good Life,” West jumped off the stage into the water. He walks around the water, splashes around a bit and basically insights a frenzy amongst fans running out into the water to be with him.

A cool moment, but also a scary moment for West potentially. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The police did step in and shut down the show at that point in time howeve.r

You can watch the full concert below, the show doesn’t really start till about the 46th minute. Thought we’d save you the trouble. The moment when Kanye West jumps into the lake and the chaos breaks out begins around the hour and three minute mark.

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