Wake Up Mr. West is looking for Kanye fans, writers


Kanye West continues to be one of the most polarizing individuals in entertainment today.

The rap mogul and producer has recorded seven platinum albums, married one of the most talked about celebrities in the world in Kim Kardashian, and has set himself up upon a pedestal atop the music world.

On the flip side, Kanye is unabashed in his glory. He’s always saying something that rubs people the wrong way or heaving proclamations at other artists that has created a love-hate relationship with fans and other musicians.

It’s that kind of personality that has made Kanye West truly unique, and an interesting person to cover and discuss. That’s precisely what we aim to do here at Wake Up Mr. West. Our goal is to provide as much coverage of Kanye as we can: from his music to his personal life to his outlandish personality.

And that’s where you come in, we need your help to cover such a versatile and polarizing individual.


We like to let our staff write about the aspects of Kanye West that they are most passionate about, and we’re open to giving you the creative freedom you need to make yourself a great writer.

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Writers are asked to contribute 1-2 posts per week. We’ll always welcome more frequent contributions than that, but we won’t require it. For those padawans looking to possibly step into a paid editor role, we do have specific requirements in terms of post quantity and other duties, and we’d be glad to discuss those with you.

We know that for most this is mostly a hobby and something you do for the love of it. That’s why we do it too, as most of us have families, full-time careers, and/or school to balance into our lives as well. This is an opportunity to join a staff of writers here who are just simply passionate about Kanye and want to continue to reach the rest of this great fan base.

Want to join us?

Applying is very easy. Head on over and complete an application. It’ll give you a chance to share some insight into your background (prior online writing experience is not necessary but always encouraged) and let us know why you’d be a fit on site, so give it your best. We’ll be in touch from there.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email kyle.franzoni@fansided.com, and we’ll help to breakdown the roles for you and make sure we can find the best fit.