Kim Kardashian admits that Kylie Jenner is more popular


Something happened today that would be unbelievable if it had not been caught on tape. Kim Kardashian said on camera today that Kylie Jenner is the bigger star now. Kylie has been saying for several months now that she wants to be more popular than her famous sister. Now it looks like her dreams have come true because there is no denying that Kylie draws more attention than Kim.

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There are certainly a lot of factors playing into the sibling popularity contest but it’s still a huge deal for Kylie Jenner to be bigger than Kim Kardashian. Kim is one of the most famous people in the world after all.

Kim is getting older now, being in her mid-thirties, and she is pregnant with her second child. Being married and building a family hasn’t killed her sex appeal but it surely has made Kim seem less “available” to those who might be drooling over the reality star.

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  • Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the bunch. She just turned 18 years old and it also doesn’t hurt that she’s a dead ringer for Kim. The sisters look so much alike now that even Kim has mentioned it and posted side by side photos of them on Instagram.

    In the video posted to Kylie Jenner’s brand new website, Kim and Kylie have a conversation about who is more popular. It was revealed last week by TMZ that Kylie’s website and app were much more popular than Kim, Khloe or Kendall’s websites and apps that were revealed on the same day. As a matter of fact, TMZ reported that 74% of app downloads between the sisters were on Kylie’s site. This is possibly the first time Kim Kardashian has ever come in second place.

    When talking about their popularity, Kim said to Kylie in the video, ‘I mean honey let’s be real you gotta put in a few years before you actually dethrone me. But I want to pass on the baton to you. Who better to pass on the knowledge to? You guys I give her all the tricks. She is so like deserving. If I want to share my clothes, my tips, my glam squad it is to King Kylie.’