Kim Kardashian is not handing crown to Kylie Jenner without a fight


Just a few days ago we shared some numbers collected from the first three days of the Kardashian and Jenner websites being launched. When the numbers first came in, it showed that Kylie Jenner was killing the competition and literally 75% of all the app and website signups were on Kylie’s site.

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Kim Kardashian even shared a video of herself and Kylie where she admits that Kylie Jenner is the most popular. In the video, Kim offers to teach her younger sister the secrets that helped keep her in the spotlight for so many years. It was literally a “passing the torch” kind of video and it was very sweet. Kim was sure to make a point though, that she was only taking a breather and would be back to reclaim her crown.

During that first report, Kim Kardashian was actually in third place, behind Kylie and Khloe for the total number of new users on their websites. That obviously didn’t sit well with Kim because after telling Kylie that she was taking over the crown, Kim did something that totally isn’t surprising at all. Kim took to Instagram and dropped a few revealing photos but the true prize is said to be over at her personal website.

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  • Kim Kardashian doesn’t like to lose. It doesn’t matter if she’s married and massively pregnant with her second child, Kim still wants to be the hottest sister and she made sure to give her numbers a little bump. Kim uploaded some really racy photos to her website and now the signups are coming in.

    Kylie is still leading the pack with around 40% of all the subscribers to the Kardashian and Jenner sites. Kim Kardashian is now in second place with 30% but she is gaining ground quickly. From the looks of it, Kim just might take her crown back within the next couple of days. So much for taking a break.