Khloe Kardashian Ever-Changing Outfits on KUWTK


Throughout the years on Keeping Up with the Kardashians we have seen Khloe go through some serious physical changes. She was always considered the “overweight” sister and has worked really had to make changes to her body. After losing the weight you started to see a change in Khloe and her outfits.

Although fans of the show might have looked to Kim, Khloe has really stepped into the spotlight and put together some of the most gorgeous outfits on the show. Its seems as if Khloe can do no wrong as she wears hats, all white, tight dresses, loose dresses, jeans, and a variety of shoes.

She has also changed her hair. It has been every color in the book, but looks as if she has finally settled on a mixed between a caramel blonde and a strawberry blonde. When asked what she thinks about her style on the show, Khloe said she perfects wearing something comfortable.

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Since season one of the show, Khloe has been working with stylist Monica Rose who has been able to transform Khloe no matter what shape or size her body was always making her look good.

There was no doubt that when Khloe was going out she was going to make a statement. Now she sticks to a more elegant look with clean lines, tight fitting outfits, longer sweaters, and brighter colors — something she might not have done a few years ago before losing the weight.

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However, whatever size she is, she always looks good to us. Check out some of our favorite looks from Khloe provided to us from E! All outfits have appeared on the show and we love that she wears outfits more than once!

Don’t forget to comment below on which looks you like or add to the list and catch Keeping Up With the Kardashians every Sunday at 9/8 c on E!.