Sneak Peek of The Week: Kim Catches a “Tramp” in Scott Disick’s Hotel Room


As we come to the beginning of another week the thing is on our minds, what is going on with the Kardashians? Well luckily for us we get a new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on Sunday. Fans of Kardashian Dish can now expect a brand new sneak peek of Sunday’s show every week ahead of time!

This sneak peek is unlike anything we have seen before. As an avid watcher of the show, the relationship between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s relationship has been one of the most loving and painful things to watch.

When the show first started we met a then in love, Kourtney and Scott.

The two had known each other for awhile and were in the full honeymoon stage of their relationship. They were constantly together, partying together, and really seemed to be the only stable relationship throughout the mess of the Kardashian clan.

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However, over time we began to see the unraveling of the two as fights began, pregnancies put Disick on the defensive, and the lack of love between the two was evident.

Although the show has focused heavily on the current status of their relationship, this season seems to have calmed down as both took a step back to grow up and become co-parents to their children.

However, Kim and Khloe have constantly been pushing for Disick and Kourtney to get back together now that things seem to have become stable. Although Kourtney has never said a hard “no” to a rekindling of their relationship, she has made things clear to Scott that its not happening any time soon.

To make matters worse, looks like Scott is not handling it well.

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In this weeks sneak peek, it seems Kim has caught Scott in a very bad position. Check out the clip below:

Watch a brand new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E! Do you think Kourtney and Scott should get back together? Let us know by commenting below.