Scott Disick has no Father’s Day plans but he has plenty of time to party in Las Vegas


Scott Disick proves he can be bad all by himself as he parties hard in Las Vegas amid the admission that he has no Father’s Day plans for himself and his three children. 

Does anyone seem to know what is going on with Kourtney Kardashian’s ex these days? Lately, it seems like Scott Disick has been on a crash course with his hard partying. The KUWTK star has been seen doing the most lately as he hooks up and hangs out with what seems to be everyone but Kourtney.

Recently, while partying in Las Vegas, E! News caught up with the reality star and father of three. When the network caught up with Scott, he was enjoying a pool party at the Liquid Pool Lounge at the Aria Resort and Casino on Saturday.

Disick was in Las Vegas just days after returning from the French Riviera, which was dotted with sightings of the KUWTK dad as he caroused with several women including the 19-year old Famous In Love star Bella Thorne.

When speaking with E! News about his summer plans, Scott Disick was asked about what he might have planned for Father’s Day, which is less than a week away, by the way. It turns out that Scott has absolutely nothing planned for the special day.

"“I haven’t made specific plans, but probably do a little bit more traveling. A little Hamptons. A little Europe. Not exactly positive. I’m trying to figure it out now, but hoping to get to see some of my best friends from back home.”"

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When it came to Father’s Day plans, Scott said that last year was pretty good. He also seems to think that he shouldn’t be planning his own Father’s Day this year. He told the network that he feels like someone else should plan the day for him.

“I don’t know if I made those plans. I think someone should make them for me,” said Scott. “I didn’t make any, but hopefully someone made some for me, but we’ll see!”

Well, maybe if Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian were still together, those plans would be made. There’s no telling if Kourtney will take pity on her ex and have something special planned for him on Father’s Day. If not, it’s no one’s fault but Scott’s for not taking control and planning something with his kids. He and Kourtney aren’t together anymore after all!