Khloe Kardashian denies stealing ideas from Destiney Bleu for her fashion line


Khloe Kardashian has responded to claims that she helped herself to designer Destiney Bleu’s designs and the ‘KUWTK’ star says she did no such thing! 

Last week, designer Destiney Bleu put Khloe Kardashian on blast for allegedly stealing ideas for her clothing line, Good American. Destiney took to Twitter and retweeted one of Khloe’s advertisement for the popular jeans brand and wrote, “When someone buys 1 of everything on your site, has you make them custom @dbleudazzled work, never posts it or wears it, then copies it.”

Khloe Kardashian’s Good American promo video featured a new line of clothing that includes several bedazzled bodysuits. People reported that there was a resemblance between some of Khloe’s new clothing line and that of Destiney Bleu. Despite any resemblance, Khloe and company obviously weren’t impressed with Destiney’s Twitter attack on her brand.

In response to the accusations that she was a design thief, Good American posted a picture of Cher, Diana Ross, and Britney Spears all rocking sparkly bodysuits on Twitter. The message accompanying the photo said, “Important to know your fashion history #nofrauds.”

That didn’t seem to satisfy a lot of Good American social media followers and almost immediately negative comments started flooding in along with a flood of Kimoji snakes. All the negativity is likely what prompted an official response to Destiney Bleu’s accusations. The statement says:

"“Under no circumstances did Good American or Khloé Kardashian infringe on another brand’s intellectual property and we are going through the proper legal channels to handle the situation.”"

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Good American took it one step further in the brewing legal battle with Destiney Bleu. On Thursday of last week, Khloe’s company sent a cease and desist letter to the other designer. The letter demands that Bleu stops making “false statements” about Good American and Khloe Kardashian. There was also a demand made that the designer stop sending her “trolls” to Khloe’s social media channels to start trouble.

It looks like the cease and desist letter isn’t going to stop Destiney Bleu and the legal battle might turn into something major. After receiving the legal letter, Bleu’s company responded with 27 pages of legalese.

In all of this mess, it turns out that Khloe’s former stylist Monica Rose’s name has come up again. Khloe has claimed that the only correspondence that Destiney Bleu had with her circle was with Rose, who has been fired. Khloe Kardashian herself claims to have never seen any of Destiney’s samples and didn’t even know who the designer was.

As the battle rages on over whether Khloe Kardashian borrowed design ideas from Destiney Bleu, where do you stand?