Khloe Kardashian lawyers up to take on bodysuit design theft accusations


Khloe Kardashian has been accused of ripping off design ideas from another woman and using them for her Good American brand. 

On June 2, designer Destiney Bleu took to Twitter and accused Khloe Kardashian of stealing her work. Bleu retweeted a new promo video for Good American and wrote:

That one tweet set off a firestorm of accusations against the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who she says is guilty of stealing her design ideas for a handful of embellished bodysuits. Just days after making the accusation against Khloe, Bleu’s lawyer doubled down by releasing a 27-page document that contained “evidence” of the theft, according to People. That evidence included text messages and emails between Destiney Bleu and Khloe Kardashian’s former stylist, Monica Rose. There was also correspondence from another Kardashian employee, Alexa Okyle, who works as Khloe’s assistant.

Khloe Kardashian didn’t take the social media attack lightly and immediately lawyered up. She hired celebrity attorney Marty Singer to take over and he did just that. Singer fired back at Destiney Bleu’s attorney’s with a 7-page cease and desist letter on June 12 that called the allegations an “absolute lie.”

“In order for your client Destiney Bleu to get her 15 minutes of fame, you and your client outrageously defamed Good American and Mr. Kardashian by falsely stating that my clients stole or copied your client’s bodysuit designs,” Singer wrote.  “Your client has also brazenly misappropriated Ms. Kardashian’s name and photograph — including photographs she has taken from Ms. Kardashian’s Instagram account without authorization which your client freely admits has generated ‘a ton of sales.'”

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Singer argued in his response to the claims that Khloe Kardashian stole design ideas from Destiney Bleu that the two women aren’t even offering up the same garment. He claims that it was a catsuit that Khloe’s team requested from Destiney and it’s a bodysuit that Khloe is selling with the Good American label. The two pieces of clothing aren’t the same because a catsuit has pants and a body suit is like a swimsuit with sleeves.

Marty Singer has accused Destiney Bleu and her attorneys “misled the public” while calling out Khloe Kardashian when they compared photos of Khloe’s bodysuit vs. Destiney’s catsuit. He also claimed that Bleu did so to drum up publicity and increased sales for herself. The legal letter demanded that Bleu delete the accusatory posts immediately and apologize. Any refusal to do that would be met with legal action according to Khloe’s attorney.

Despite the threats of legal action from Khloe Kardashian’s high-powered attorney, Destiney Bleu is not backing down, deleting anything or apologizing. It looks like the battle over bedazzled bodysuits has just begun.