Kim Kardashian believes she and Caitlyn Jenner will make up


Caitlyn Jenner has been on the outs with Kris Jenner and the Kardashian sisters for a while now but Kim is hopeful that will soon change. 

Let’s face it, there has been tension between Caitlyn Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian family (including Kris Jenner) since she went on with Diane Sawyer and told the world she is transgender. We watched Kris and Caitlyn try to work their way through some of the hurt on her docuseries I Am Cait but there was still a wedge between Caitlyn and the rest of the famous family.

When Caitlyn Jenner released her memoir Secrets of My Life, that was the last straw for Kris Jenner, who lashed out at Caitlyn with claims that she lied about many things in her new book. There have even been rumors that Kris plans to get revenge on Caitlyn by releasing her own memoir and outing even more dark secrets that apparently no one knows about Caitlyn.

So after Kris Jenner’s Father’s Day snub of Caitlyn, Kim Kardashian has stepped up to talk about her former stepfather and her hopes for the future.

On Monday, Kim Kardashian taped an interview that aired Tuesday on The View. She was peppered with intimate questions about her life. Naturally, Caitlyn Jenner came up since everyone wants to know where the Kardashian family stands since her memoir was released.

“I definitely got upset about it,” Kim Kardashian said about Caitlyn’s book. “In our family, we definitely are always so close and stick through everything, so everything is definitely going to be fine.”

In the book, Caitlyn Jenner claimed that she had discussed her desire to transition from male to female with Kris Jenner and that she was aware before they ever got married. Kris claims that is not the case at all.

“Maybe their stories are different, maybe their accounts are different,” Kim weighed in. “But when all of us were there witnessing some things, and seeing things really different, it was just a little bit surprising.”

Despite their differences and the accusations that have been flung back and forth, it looks like at some point, Caitlyn Jenner will reconcile with with her family again.

“She’ll always be my stepdad, and always be a person that raised me, and taught me so much in life. Stepped up to the plate, took over for my dad when he passed away,” Kim said. “… To say I don’t have a relationship … she’ll always be a part of me. Have I talked to her in the last couple of months? No.”

“We’re taking a breather. We’ll get it together,” Kim said.

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