Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty sold out in less than an hour


Kim Kardashian debuted her KKW Beauty makeup brand today and like expected, it sold out. 

Kim Kardashian has been doing a lot of promotion for her new KKW Beauty line on social media lately. The new line of Kim Kardashian-backed makeup was released this morning and it appears that while Kim was away from social media, no one forgot that she is a beauty icon. To prove that, KKW Beauty sold out in less than an hour.

It was reported by 9 News that Kim Kardashian’s beauty line was set to earn $14.4 million during its initial drop. That means that the KUWTK is not only back in the beauty biz (as if she ever left) but she’s also a whole lot richer and it was all earned rather quickly.

When it was first revealed that Kim Kardashian would be coming out with a makeup line of her own, many KUWTK fans wondered how that might work out considering that Kylie Jenner also sells makeup online and has been quite successful with it. It turns out that the sisters are in a partnership and Kim’s new KKW Beauty is not intended to compete with or cause a problem for Kylie Jenner.

With the insane demand for Kardashian beauty products, it doesn’t look like either of the famous reality TV sisters should worry about the other cutting in on market share. Much like Kylie Jenner’s makeup releases, Kim Kardashian’s debut sold out in record time. All 300,000 contour kids from Kim’s launch sold out in under an hour. It was reported that the lighter kids sold out first but all shades were in such high demand that KKW Beauty ended up selling everything.

Amid rumors that Keeping Up With The Kardashians ratings are falling and that the Kardashian family’s popularity might be waning. this is proof that Kim Kardashian is just as popular than ever.

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