Where do the Kardashians fall on the Instagram Rich List?


Of course, the Kardashians will rank high on the brand new Instagram Rich List, but just where does the famous family fall? 

Normal people use Instagram to post pictures of their family, their food, and even their pets. The Kardashians have never been normal and, like many celebrities, they are cashing in on social media with sponsored Instagram posts being one of the most lucrative ways to cash in.

While Selena Gomez takes the top spot as the most influential and highest paid celebrity on Instagram, the Kardashian sisters are not far behind. As a matter of fact, every single Kardashian sister ranks on the Instagram Rich List right after Selena. After the Kardashians come a few other familiar names like Cristiano Ronaldo, Cara Delavigne, Gigi Hadid and LeBron James.

The Instagram Rich List ranks the top 20 social media influencers on the platform. The list was compiled by Hopper HQ, an Instagram scheduling site, using their own data plus public information such as follower count and social media activity. Their list is broken down into two parts, one being celebrities and the other being social influencers.

As for how celebrities and social influencers make money on Instagram, Hopper HQ co-founder Mike Bandar explains:

"“Instagram is now an incredibly effective marketing tool for brands and it’s fascinating to see how celebrities and influencers are able to monetise their accounts to so effectively. With approximately 700 million active monthly users across the world, it offers a wealth of potential customers for brands that have the budget to harness the influence of the people on our lists, and a chance for people to make a real career out of ‘gramming’. In the last couple of years influencers and celebrities have really caught on to the fact that endorsing brands on Instagram pays off, and as you can see from our Rich Lists, there is a serious amount of money to be made.”"

So where are the Kardashian sisters on the Hopper HQ list of Instagram’s richest influencers? 

Kim Kardashian beats all other Kardashian and Jenner sisters. She’s number two on the list, right behind Selena Gomez. Per the report, Kim K. has 100 million Instagram followers and she’s making a cool $500,000 on each post she makes.

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Kylie Jenner comes in at number four on the list. Kylie and Kim are separated by footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Kylie can claim 95 million followers and $400,000 per post. That’s not bad for a 19-year old reality star!

Kendall Jenner comes in fifth place on the Instagram richest list. Kendall has just over 81 million followers and earns $370,000 per post.

Khloe Kardashian comes in fourth place compared to the Kardashian-Jenner sisters and she’s number seven overall on the list. Khloe has 68 million Instagram followers and is worth $250,000 per post.

Kourtney Kardashian is the oldest sister and the last to round off the Instagram Rich List in 2017. Kourtney has almost 58 million followers and she also makes $250,000 per post.