Kim Kardashian catches heat over Saint West’s car seat


Kim Kardashian posted a picture of Saint West in his car seat and all was well until the mommy warriors went nuts in the comments. 

Kim Kardashian has been the face of many scandals but who knew the latest would be a huge to-do over Saint West’s car seat? It all started when Kim shared a new photo of Saint. He just happened to be sitting in his car seat which just happened to be facing forward.

Never mind that Saint West is the cutest little boy in his area code. Or that he looks so much like his father that it’s uncanny. What people really want to talk about, if the comments on Kim Kardashian’s shared photo are an indication, are all the horrible things that can happen because Kim buckled Saint into his car seat facing forward.

Now to be clear, there really was a legal issue with the way that Saint West’s car seat was facing in the photo. In California, babies are legally supposed to rear-face until they are two years old. The recommendation is to rear-face kids for as long as possible though, due to the increased threat of injury to the child in car accidents where the child is forward facing.

Posted by Kim Kardashian West on Saturday, June 24, 2017

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Is that enough reason to post hundreds, if not thousands, of comments on the photo to let Kim know how badly she messed up? This is a common case of mom-shaming. It happens all the time and it happens to celebrities and non-celebs alike.

So rather than jump in line to admonish Kim for turning Saint’s car seat around a few months too early, Kardashian Dish would just like to point out how adorable Saint is. Oh no, wait! Kim, that chest clip could be pulled up just a little higher too… (just kidding!)

Hopefully, Kim Kardashian took all the criticism with a grain of salt. Then again, let’s hope she turned that car seat back around too before someone ends up pulling her over and citing her for it.