Kris Jenner opens up (again) about the Kim Kardashian’s sex tape


Kris Jenner built the Kardashian empire on Kim Kardashian’s sex tape and years later, she is still finding ways to talk about it. 

Keeping Up with the Kardashians was already a reality show, but really didn’t skyrocket until Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was leaked. There is still denial over the fact that the tape was purposely leaked to the public. The fans aren’t exactly buying what the Kardashians are selling though.

It has been years since Kim Kardashian made a fortune with her sex tape. Back then, she was a hot commodity. The name Ray J was something people knew well too. Since then, Kardashian has dated and married several other men. Kris Jenner is always incredibly supportive of her daughter. After all,  she is her “momager.” Kim makes Kris plenty of money and whether Jenner would ever admit it or not, that sex tape helped their family get their true claim to fame.

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Because of all of the perks that come with being Kris Jenner,  she is always being interviewed. The topics are mostly about what her famous daughters are up to and the projects they are spearheading. According to Marie Claire, Kris Jenner talked about Kim’s sex tape for the first time in years during a recent interview. She is still denying the tape was leaked by her daughter or anyone close to the family. Also, she mentioned that “haters are going to hate” when asked about Kim’s cheap claim to fame.

There has always been a weird sense of Kris Jenner living vicariously through Kim Kardashian. With all of the recent events, it seems that is exactly what she is doing. The drama surrounding the dissolution of her marriage to Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) and the book she wrote slamming her former wife, Jenner has had it rough. She needs to focus on something more positive in her life, even if it is Kim Kardashian’s wildly popular sex tape.