Caitlyn Jenner goes horseback riding with Kendall and Kylie Jenner


Caitlyn Jenner takes her daughters Kendall and Kylie on a horseback riding trip in Wyoming. 

A little family drama won’t stop a fun horseback riding trip! Caitlyn Jenner has been caught up in a nasty feud with ex-wife Kris Jenner ever since dropping her autobiography “The Secrets of My Life.” Kris wasn’t happy with some of the things that Caitlyn said about her in the tell-all and has been upset with her ex ever since.

It’s a good thing that family feud hasn’t affected Caitlyn’s relationship with Kendall and Kylie. It looks like all three ladies had a ton of fun on a recent family horseback riding trip in Wyoming. So much fun, in fact, that Caitlyn shared a video of the trip on Instagram for her friends and fans to see.

“A little video action,” Caitlyn can be heard saying as cameras rolled.

Kylie, who is riding the white horse, turns around and exclaims, “Wyoming!”

Caitlyn Jenner captioned the horseback riding photo, saying, ““Fun time riding horses with my girls.”

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It turns out that Kendall and Kylie Jenner didn’t head to Wyoming with their dad solo. They took friends along too. The girls’ friends, Jordyn Woods and Harry Hudson were also on hand for the family horseback riding trip.

Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t the only one sharing horseback riding photos from the Wyoming trip. It looks like Kendall must have had a lot of fun because she also shared a snap of the adventure on Instagram. Harry also shared a picture of the cowboy-esque trip.

Thankfully, Kendall and Kylie have managed to keep their relationship with Caitlyn intact despite the Kardashian-Jenner family feud. It was reported that Kris Jenner is so upset with Caitlyn at this point that she was even upset when Kendall and Kylie spent Father’s Day with Caitlyn. We wonder how she feels about this little horseback riding trip that the three recently enjoyed.