Blac Chyna claims domestic abuse in response to Rob Kardashian Instagram rant


Blac Chyna woke up and broke her silence about Rob Kardashian Instagram rant and her accusations are shocking!

Rob Kardashian woke up on Wednesday morning and went off about Blac Chyna’s alleged cheating. Rob posted several times on Instagram, dropping some huge bombs on Dream’s mom, claiming that she dumped him after he paid to fix her body and that she is running men through her bed while the babies are home.

Chyna caught wind of what was going down on social media and had she is not staying quiet while Rob trashes her. Instead, Blac Chyna turned to Snapchat where she threw down some shocking accusations of her own.

According to Chyna, Rob Kardashian abused her while they were together. She wrote, “Rob u did all this but u beat me up and try act it never happen!!!!! U put hand on me I swear on god!!!! On my kids but I’m supposed to be quiet because you’re a Kardashian.”

That wasn’t all Chyna had to say in response to Rob’s Instagram fit. Earlier today, Rob blasted Chyna for sleeping with multiple other men at the same time as him. He claimed to be devastated that she would do that to him after he paid for her cosmetic surgery after giving birth. Rob also charged that $250,000 worth of jewelry that he bought for Chyna was just delivered to her. Rather than show some gratitude, Rob says she spent her Fourth of July in bed with some other man.

Assumedly in response to those accusations, Blac Chyna posted a video on Snapchat, showing off her new bling.

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The instant feud between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna has become more shocking as each side responds with new accusations. There’s never an excuse for domestic violence so we’re hoping for Rob’s sake that those accusations aren’t true.

It’s already no secret that Rob and Chyna’s relationship has been toxic. Lately, there have been rumors that they may have reconciled. After this latest explosion, let’s hope they can put their failed relationship behind them and start thinking about baby Dream. After all, someday she may read about this mess.

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