Kylie Jenner replaces Tyga tattoo – See what she got instead


Kylie Jenner broke the cardinal rule of tattoos when she had her former boyfriend’s initial inked onto her body. 

Now Kylie Jenner has removed the one tattoo that she probably regrets the most. Thankfully, it was a small one and it was in an inconspicuous place.

Being young and naive is something Kylie Jenner can admit to being at one point. The reality star spent three years dating Tyga on and off. The two were first spotted together in 2014, though they were careful not to confirm anything about a relationship until Jenner turned 18 in 2015.

Being that Kylie Jenner is no longer with Tyga, it was time to get her ink fixed. According to People, Kylie Jenner changed the lowercase “t” she had on her ankle to read “la,” also in lowercase, in order to rid herself of any connections to her former love.

In fact, she has moved on to another rapper, and the two have matching tattoos already. Despite having one tattoo changed, Jenner still decided to get something to represent her current relationship with Travis Scott.

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Tyga’s name used to be synonymous with Kylie Jenner. The two appeared everywhere together, and when she got inked for him, fans went wild. It was assumed the young reality star would get more serious with the rapper as time went on.

Despite their on-again-off-again relationship, Jenner is officially over Tyga for good. She has moved on, and having her tattoo changed was the final step him phasing him out.

Fans have been speculating the youngest Jenner daughter may be serious with Travis Scott. The two have been cozy since April, with plenty of PDA on social media. While it is unclear what his intentions are with her, Kylie is reportedly serious enough to remove the tattoo she got for Tyga and get something that matches her new beau.

There is hope that Jenner is over her ex. Kylie will continue to move past the three years spent with him while she focuses on her new relationship with Scott.

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