Rob Kardashian faces legal battle after Blac Chyna lawyers up, threatens restraining order


Rob Kardashian is facing backlash over his social media rampage against Blac Chyna and it could cost him more than money. 

Wednesday was a tough day for Rob Kardashian. Something happened that sent him into a social media tailspin. What started as a slam against Blac Chyna turned into a possible revenge porn case. Kardashian could be in hot water as early as Monday morning.

Fans have been waiting for news on how Blac Chyna is going to proceed in regards to the nude photos that were posted to social media. Rob Kardashian is known for his explosive tirades, usually directed at her.

According to People, Blac Chyna hired a high-profile attorney. Lisa Bloom took to social media to declare she would be representing the reality star against Rob Kardashian in pursuit of a restraining order. She declared that he was put on notice about a court date Monday morning where she would be seeking a restraining order on behalf of Chyna and “more to come.”

This situation is going to get worse before it gets better. There has been no comment from the Kardashian camp, but that isn’t surprising. Kris Jenner is busy doing damage control and the

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sisters are likely sitting in disbelief over Rob Kardashian’s latest break from sanity. The next few days will be telling of where Kardashian’s head is and the restraining order being sought will likely be granted based on the social media debacle alone.

Concern over what will happen with Dream Kardashian has been raised, especially with Blac Chyna having a lawyer involved. Rob Kardashian may have singlehandedly ruined his career and future with the social media tirade he went on.

As of now, Rob Kardashian’s Instagram account is still down. Despite the photos being removed, he could still potentially face revenge porn charges. Being that he is a Kardashian, it wouldn’t be surprising to see an example made out of him.

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