Famous jeweler Ben Baller claims Blac Chyna tried to use Rob Kardashian’s credit card


Ben Baller speaks out, sharing even more shocking news about Blac Chyna amid the Rob Kardashian Instagram drama. 

Famous jeweler to the stars Ben Baller is speaking out after Rob Kardashian’s now-infamous Instagram rant against Blac Chyna. It turns out that Rob’s ex-fiance definitely has a thing for bling!

It wasn’t until after Lisa Bloom announced that she would be representing Blac Chyna that Ben Baller spoke out. That’s when Ben responded on Instagram, writing, “STFU Dummy” in response to Bloom’s announcement that they would be in court asking for restraining orders.

When asked to elaborate by another commenter, Ben Baller elaborated. “Maybe becuz that dumb b***h tried to charge $300,000 of my jewelry on my Rob’s credit card who she’s now suing? Quote that,” he wrote.

He responded again to say, “I ain’t even gonna continue this man. I’m too close to all of this.”

It turns out that Ben Baller wasn’t quite done speaking out yet. After several social media users accused him of trying to gain some fame from Rob Kardashian’s outburst, Ben wrote the post seen below.


So it turns out that Ben Baller and Rob Kardashian are really good friends. That’s probably why he knew better than to let Blac Chyna make the purchases using his credit card.

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Here’s the part that we just can’t get over. Rob had recently gifted Chyna with $250,000 worth of jewelry. She showed it off on Instagram soon after he gone done ranting.

Then we found out that Rarri True had another $135,000 worth of jewelry set to be delivered to Chyna. It was only after Rob’s rant that he decided to cancel the delivery.

Now we’re learning that Chyna tried to help herself to another $300,000 worth of jewelry? How much jewelry does one woman need?

It looks like the whole thing blew up in her face though because Blac Chyna ended up giving Rob back his gifts and she didn’t get Rarri’s. It looks like Rob Kardashian’s ex-fiance was being greedy and in the end, that greed got her absolutely nothing. Well, not any new jewelry anyway.

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