Ferrari claims Blac Chyna is under the control of Lisa Bloom, calls warning letter ‘weak’


Rob Kardashian wasn’t the only man Blac Chyna put on notice after hiring lawyer Lisa Bloom. 

Blac Chyna’s other man isn’t worried about the letter she sent him earlier this week. In fact, Ferrari is already talking about the warning received via Chyna’s lawyer Lisa Bloom.

Ferrari True was told warned that he better not leak or sell any nude photos of Blac Chyna. If he does, he will be facing the legal wrath of Lisa Bloom, too.

Apparently, Blac Chyna’s new boo really thought they had something going on. In the fallout of the Rob Kardashian Instagram rant, it looks like things are getting real for everyone involved.

Now Ferrari is learning that he’s not special and if he posts any nude pictures, the law will come after him. Maybe things would have turned out differently for the aspiring rapper if he hadn’t canceled the delivery of Blac Chyna’s new jewelry. She was all set to receive $135,000 worth of valuables but Ferrari got cold feet after Rob started going off and told his manager to cancel the order.

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Ferrari definitely did receive a letter warning him against the temptation of selling or even just sharing any of the nude photos that Blac Chyna sent him. He responded to the letter via TMZ and called Chyna out for the legalese. He believes that his former flame is being controlled by her lawyers now. He also said that the warning letter was “weak.”

It turns out that whatever Ferrari and Blac Chyna had prior to the Rob freakout must not have been all that special. Now that Chyna is making major headlines, her new man has said he’ll be moving on.

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