Rob Kardashian apologizes to family, focuses on Dream Kardashian


Rob Kardashian apologized to his mother and sisters at some point since his internet tirade. 

It has been one week since Rob Kardashian let loose on social media. The relationship with Blac Chyna was toxic from the beginning, and the Kardashian sisters called it. After everything went down last Wednesday, things got heated quickly. Since then, Chyna has taken out a restraining order against Rob, and there could be charges coming.

Fans have been wondering what Kris Jenner was thinking about the situation. According to E! Online, a source tells them, Rob Kardashian got put into his place by Kris Jenner. She reportedly went off on him while on the phone and reminded him that his daughter is going to be affected by this mess.

While he has not admitted it yet, Rob Kardashian knows his sisters were right. Unfortunately, they tried to warn him and now, he is locked into having Blac Chyna in his life for at least 18 years.

The arguments that transpired between Rob and his sister over Chyna were featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians several times. Their relationship proved to be volatile on screen and behind closed doors, no one knows how bad it got.

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The Kardashian sisters have encouraged Rob Kardashian to focus on his daughter right now. He is reportedly very sorry about what he did and how he embarrassed his family.

Knowing that he risked his time with Dream has allegedly scared him enough to stay calm for now. In fact, Kardashian has not been seen in public since his meltdown last week.

For now, all is well within the Kardashian world. Rob has taken things down a few notches and the sisters have remained silent on the matter. They are allowing their brother to handle his own mess as they sit back and watch.

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