Brody Jenner threatens Rob Kardashian for using Caitlyn Jenner to insult mom Kris


Brody Jenner is very protective over Caitlyn Jenner, which is why Rob’s comments didn’t get a pass.

Brody Jenner has never been a big Kardashian fan even though they were step-siblings for years. Now Caitlyn’s son is threatening Rob Kardashian for something he said in the heat of his anger of the Blac Chyna drama and it sounds like he might actually mean it.

When Rob was in the middle of his Blac Chyna rant last week, it was said that Kris Jenner told Rob to stop tweeting. Rob replied on Twitter, writing, “My mom keeps telling me to stop, but she was married to a dude named Caitlyn, so I’m def not listening to her.”

Apparently, Rob’s comment about Caitlyn made Brody more upset than anyone else. So mad that Brody has even threatened to put hands on Rob if they come face to face.

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“He’s like, ‘How dare he attack Caitlyn, after everything she’s done for him?’” the insider reportedly told Radar Online. “The whole dig towards his mom for marrying Bruce was revolting and way out of line.”

“(Rob’s) had this coming for a while, with all the sneering and rude comments since Caitlyn announced her transition. But this public attack has crossed the line,” the source also said.

Right now, it seems like everyone is mad at Rob for losing his mind on Instagram and Twitter. The Kardashians are upset that Rob let Chyna push him to this point and made the drama a public matter. Meanwhile, Brody Jenner is mad and wants to fight Rob for making comments about his dad.

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