Jimmy Kimmel apologizes to Caitlyn Jenner when she appears on his show


Caitlyn Jenner confronted Jimmy Kimmel about jokes he made during her transition.

While Bruce Jenner no longer exists, Caitlyn Jenner remembers her life as a man. During the months leading up to her transition, she was the joke.

From comedians to late night talk show hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, everyone had something to say about Bruce becoming a woman. This was before Caitlyn even had her name chosen, but she recalls the jokes still to this day.

One thing about Caitlyn Jenner can be said, she isn’t afraid to say how she is feeling about anything. Remember that book that upset her ex-wife, Kris Jenner? Yeah, we do too.

Letting things go isn’t something Jenner does easily. When she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! things got a little awkward. According to ABC News, she confronted the late night host about the jokes he made while she was transitioning.

While it was obviously not malicious, Jenner definitely shaded him and his rival, Jimmy Fallon.

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Of course, things were lighthearted between Caitlyn and Jimmy. She got her point across and even got an apology out of him for the things he said. The interview was fun and casual.

Jenner’s daughter Kendall lives across the street from Kimmel. There were some jokes about binoculars so that he could keep an eye on the young model for her dad. Kimmel joked that nothing happens over there except a lot of clothing coming in and out.

There have been a few rumors pop up about Caitlyn Jenner and her plans to run for public office. She seems to think that being in the spotlight is a good idea.

Her reality show, I Am Cait was canceled after two seasons. Last week, she co-hosted The View and stirred up some controversy with her remarks. Jenner is a smart business woman and now, she may have just set herself up for a career in politics.

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