Khloe Kardashian is fall ready with a new brunette ‘do


Khloe Kardashian is turning heads with her new brunette hair. 

The Kardashians are fashion plates and people look up to them no matter what they do so it’s no surprise that Khloe’s new brunette hair has many rethinking their own hair color choices.

Khloe has been rocking a wonderful blonde mane for years now.It’s no surprise that she wanted to change things up a little with her new brunette do that some have called “Bronde.”

Apparently, that is what you call hair that lives somewhere in the middle of blonde and brunette. That’s where Khloe’s hair is right now.

Khloe’s new hair, as seen in recent photos on Snapchat and Instagram, is a beautiful darker shade of brown with blonde highlights. In recent photos, Khloe has been wearing her hair in loose, beachy waves which is a great look for her.

Tracy Cunningham, who has been Khloe’s colorist for years, talked to People Style about the Keeping Up WIth The Kardashian star’s new look. She explained the hours-long process used to get Khloe’s hair the color that it is now.

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“Khloé is never afraid to change things up. She just wanted to get away from her blonde color — change it up a bit,”  Tracey Cunningham said. “I call this natural, sun-kissed hair. She beats to her own drum. It’s high summer Khloé chooses to get away from the summer light blonde she was wearing recently.”

It turns out that hair color isn’t something that Khloe Kardashian just changes on a whim. Cunningham also said that Khloe considered changing her hair to this brunette color for quite some time.

“She’s considered the change for a few months now. It was a matter of timing. Earlier this week  we said, ‘Let’s do it!’ So I went to her house and we changed it up,” Tracy explained.

So far, it looks like everyone is loving Khloe’s new brunette hair. It’s much closer to her natural hair color than before. Considering how long Khloe stayed blonde, she might just hang on to this look for a long time too.

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