Amber Rose says Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian really did love each other


Amber Rose vouched that Blac Chyna wasn’t trying to use Rob Kardashian. 

Amber Rose is Blac Chyna’s best friend, so it makes sense that she wouldn’t say anything bad. However, Amber recently opened up and said that Rob and Chyna weren’t faking anything.

On Tuesday, Amber Rose talked about Rob and Chyna’s relationship with Complex’s Everyday Struggle. She was quick to deny that Blac Chyna only dated Rob in order to get her hands on his money and for a little bit of fame.

“I taught Chyna a lot about feminism, and now she’s living it — she’s living out all the bulls**t, basically,” said Rose said of her friend.

Amber Rose also said that revenge porn is “a real thing.” Obviously, there is a huge problem with Rob Kardashian posting intimate pictures of Blac Chyna on Instagram and Twitter, even if she has shared nude pictures of herself in the past.

“People look at the media and just be like: ‘She’s like this’ — but Chyna is an amazing mom, she’s an amazing person, and she’s extremely loving,” Amber Rose said. “I was around when her and Rob first met. I’ll tell you firsthand that they very much loved each other. It was very real.”

It doesn’t make things easy to figure out with the tangled up family dynamic going on with the Kardashians and a few people that they have dated. Blac Chyna was Tyga’s ex-fiance and the mother of his child. When Chyna started dating Rob, Tyga was dating Kylie Jenner. In the time since both relationships have ended.

Amber Rose defends the birth of Dream Kardashian

That didn’t stop Rob and Chyna from spending a whirlwind year together. They did a lot in a very short time. They made a reality series, got engaged and even made a baby.

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“They both wanted to have Dream,” said Rose. “It wasn’t a mistake, it wasn’t an ‘entrapment,’ it wasn’t anything like that. I remember when her and Rob met, how they fell in love and how happy they were. They’re just not happy anymore. That’s life. It just happens.”

Amber Rose defended Blac Chyna against people who call her a gold digger.

“It just goes back to people being uncomfortable with women making their own decisions in life,” Rose continued. “Chyna was with Rob, she had a baby with him, they both wanted Dream, [who] is a beautiful baby. S**t didn’t work out and she opted to leave. She did not want to be in that situation anymore, and that made people uncomfortable.”

“People look at Chyna like: ‘She got Rob for everything, she’s taking his money,’ ” she added. “She’s not that type of person, and neither am I. We’re not out trying to finesse motherf**kers. We have our own money. People fail to realize we got money, we got cars … we’re straight.”

Amber Rose continues the interview by addressing what Rob Kardashian did on July 5 when he went on his now infamous Instagram tirade. She said that Rob’s Instagram rant was “some sucker a** s**t.” Be sure to watch the video above to see the rest of Amber Rose’s interview on Everyday Struggle.

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