Kim Kardashian returns to original ‘Keeping Up With The Kardshians’ house


Kim Kardashian stirred up some serious feelings this week as she toured the original Keeping Up With The Kardashians house that her family lived in when the series started. 

The original Keeping Up With The Kardashians house may not get as much attention as the Full House house for instance, but for KUWTK fans, there is some serious nostalgia where it all started.

On Wednesday, Kim headed back to the Beverly Hills home and reminded fans where it all started. “Can anyone guess where I’m at? You guys, this is so nostalgic,” Kim said in a Snapchat video.

Kim found the house with the help of Josh Altman from Million Dollar Listings. One thing is for sure about the old Keeping Up With The Kardashians house, the modest (for them) house is proof that the reality TV family has come a long way.

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When the home was put on the market, it came with everything inside it. It looks like whoever did buy the Keeping Up With The Kardashians house must have been a huge fan as Kim points out.

“They kept all my old furniture, every last piece of mine. Everything is exactly the same,” she says.

Kim and Khloe toured the entire inside of their old house, stopping to point out furnishings and embellishments that many KUWTK fans would remember.

They even pointed out a few recognizable spots inside the house. They even pointed out the spot where Rob Kardashian ate all the food, which sat right in front of the infamous fridge with the double doors.

Kim also pointed out the spot where all of her shoes ended up after she went through her huge collection.

There are quite a few more videos that Kim Kardashian shared of her walk through the original Keeping Up With The Kardashians house along with Khloe. In fact, there are too many videos to even post. Be sure to check out Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat videos and see the entire tour through their old Beverly Hills home.

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