Kylie Jenner explains why she feels like an outcast ahead of ‘Life of Kylie’ premiere


The Life of Kylie premiere is coming and many KUWTK fans are hoping to see Kylie Jenner in a whole new light.

The upcoming Life of Kylie premiere is exciting for Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans who literally watched Kylie Jenner grow up. The 19-year old star debuts her brand new reality show on Sunday night, giving fans an inside peek into the makeup mogul’s life.

In the latest Life of Kylie sneak peek, Kylie opens up and admits that she’s always had a “soft spot” for outcasts. The reason why? Well, because she feels like one herself.

In a recent clip for Kylie’s new Keeping Up With The Kardashians spinoff, she explained why she doesn’t relate to a lot of people.

“I have a soft spot for the outcast because I was the outcast I guess in a lot of ways growing up,” Kylie said. “And I still feel like an outcast in different ways now because I can’t relate to a lot of people so it’s like this little world. I do feel like an outcast.”

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In the series premiere of Life of Kylie, Jenner gets to experience prom, something she never got to attend when she was in school. The reason being, Kylie Jenner was homeschooled due to her busy filming schedule.

“It was really sad, actually. I had to unfollow all my friends that I went to school with,” told her assistant in a sneak peek.

Thankfully, it looks like Kylie and Albert had a great time at his prom. Afterward, he made sure to let everyone know how wonderful his prom date was.

Life of Kylie premieres on Sunday, August 6 at 9/8 central on E!

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