Kim Kardashian announces powder contour and highlight kits are coming to KKW Beauty


Never fear, the powder contour and highlight kits are almost here!

Kim Kardashian just announced a new addition to her KKW Beauty lineup on Instagram; powder contour and highlight kits. Many makeup fanatics get a little nervous when it comes to applying creamy contouring products like the current offering from KKW Beauty.

For those who prefer to add definition to their face using powders instead of creams, Kim’s current créme contour kit can be tricky. That’s why so many fans are getting excited about the upcoming powder contour and highlight kits.

Of course, there are benefits and drawbacks to each form of makeup. Many who prefer to apply powder over cream or liquid like the ability to add layers and deepen the color of their makeup manually.

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That’s something that won’t work with the stick makeup because the pigment is the pigment and all you get by adding more is a thicker layer rather than a deeper color. Kim announced the new addition to KKW Beauty on Wednesday and now fans can’t wait to do their contouring with powder to see just how different the outcome can be.

“First look at our new product!!” KKW Beauty to Instagram. “Get ready! Our new Powder Contour and Highlight Kits are coming soon… Stay tuned for the reveal #KKWBEAUTY.”

So far, we haven’t seen a picture of the actual makeup that is coming, just the container. Fans are wondering if the kit will come with two colors like the créme contour kits. Those come with a darker and lighter shade plus a brush with a sponge applicator on the other end.

It has not been announced when the launch of the KKW Beauty powder contour and highlight kits will be made available. When they are, those who really want them better bet ready. Kim’s créme contour kits sold out in every single shade in less than 10 minutes.

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