Jeffree Star goes off on Twitter after KKW Beauty criticism backfires


Jeffree Star recently criticized Kim Kardashian’s swatches on Twitter, which backfired as the fallout turned into a discussion about the makeup artist’s past racism. 

By now, most fans of the Kardashians have heard about Kim Kardashian’s little Twitter run in with Jeffree Star. She was quick to stick up for the makeup artist even after he criticized the way she swatches and said her powder contour kits looked like chalk.

Soon after Jeffree Star’s comments on social media, Kim’s fans swooped in to defend her. They were quick to bring up his racist past, asking Kim how she could defend someone like that.

Kim called for a truce, telling fans that Jeffree apologized and that he deserves another chance. That didn’t go over well for Kim and fans went all the way off, telling her that she has no right to tell anyone to forgive him. After all, it wasn’t her offense to forgive.

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Kim seemed to understand where they were coming from. We can only imagine she talked to Kanye about the huge drama and maybe he helped to explain it. Either way, Kim made a new Snapchat video and apologized to her fans for telling them to forgive Jeffree Star.

It turns out that, despite Kim’s defending him and then apologizing for it, Jeffree decided to get online and deflect from the drama that was surrounding him.

Every news and media outlet in the world has emailed and called my office all day asking me for a Kim. K quote,” Jeffree complained on Twitter on Tuesday. “Please f**”k off. Talking about makeup has turned into a blood bath since yesterday. WAKE UP. THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS 2 WORRY ABOUT.”

Star continued, “We have a literal PIECE OF S**T for a ‘President’ who is embarrassing our entire country and you want [to] worry about Jeffree Star. #cantrelate … Because with how dark and depressing America is right now, I don’t think I’m important. Stop wasting time on gossip and focus on reality.”

Despite freaking out on his followers and Kim Kardashian fans for focusing on his critique of her makeup, it doesn’t look like Jeffree Sar is taking his own advice. The makeup artist isn’t busy discussing world matters or even the current president on Twitter.

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Instead, he’s gone right back to talking about makeup and trying to sell his own products. So now, in addition to his (past) racism, add hypocrite to the list. Or just wait for the popular social media icon to say something political.