Kim Kardashian blocks snake emoji on Instagram after Swifties start trolling


After Taylor Swift dropped two snake videos on Instagram, Swifties swarmed Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, posting snake emojis in the comments. 

Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans may remember that time when Kim Kardashian outed Taylor Swift to the world over Kanye West’s “Famous” song and music video. It was National Snake Day when Kim uploaded proof that Taylor knew all about her role in Kanye’s new song.

Well, now it looks like Swift is trying to turn the tables and make some kind of grand comeback with her upcoming album named Reputation. We’ve already made the assumption that Taylor will talk about the drama with Kim and Kanye at some point in the new music release.

Prior to the new album drop, Swifties have come out in full force to go after Taylor’s nemesis themselves. After the snake videos were posted to Swift’s Instagram, her fans promptly swarmed Kim Kardashian’s Instagram with a message of their own.

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The excited fans were posting snake emojis in masse. We can only imagine how irritating it was for Kim Kardashian, especially considering how unoriginal the move was.

After all, remember that when Kim outed Taylor on National Snake Day, it was Kim’s fans that took over the comments on Taylor Swift’s social media with the same emoji.

As we enter this new era in the feud between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, fans from both sides are preparing. That’s because we can only imagine what kind of jabs that Taylor might try to make in musical form.

Unlike many of her other celebrity foes, Kim Kardashian won’t get her revenge with a Billboard Top 100 hit. We’re not saying she won’t get revenge.

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She’s already shut down the influx of Swifties who think it is amusing to overuse the snake emoji. Considering that Swift’s new album drop is on November 10, it’s safe to say that Kim is gearing up for whatever the new album might be dishing out.