Caitlyn Jenner called out by LGBTQ activist for support of Donald Trump


Caitlyn Jenner was a staunch supporter of Donald Trump during his campaign.

At some point, it was bound to happen. Caitlyn Jenner was a very loud supporter of Donald Trump, especially during his road to getting elected. She felt like she could give him some tips on how to deal with the LGBTQ community.

Instead, she only made enemies for herself. In fact, some of this was documented on her now-defunct reality show, I Am Cait.

Being a Republican has been on the forefront of Caitlyn Jenner’s mind. She has made it clear where she stands on issues, even the ones that affect her gender.

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Unfortunately, her views have made her a target for other LGBTQ people. According to a report from TMZ, Caitlyn Jenner was verbally assaulted by a fellow transgendered woman. This was all directly due to the fact that at one point in the recent months, Caitlyn supported Donald Trump.

During the confrontation, Ashlee Marie Preston went off on Caitlyn for being fake. She lambasted the reality star for her open support of Donald Trump.

While the last few weeks have changed her support of the man in office, Preston was still upset over everything. Jenner’s friends reportedly tried to calm the situation, but it didn’t help. The only response from Caitlyn was that Ashlee didn’t know her.

Transgender rights are a hot topic right now. Donald Trump just signed the military ban making it impossible for any transgendered person to serve in any branch of the military. This is huge news and news that affects the LGBTQ community in a very negative way.

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It was going to happen sooner or later, it just came faster than anyone thought. Caitlyn Jenner may believe in her Republican status, but her beliefs go against the person she claims to be. In fact, her character has been called into question several times over her support of Donald Trump.