Kim Kardashian news: Jackie Kennedy-inspired photoshoot is catching major backlash


Kim Kardashian has a history of dressing up and posing as her favorite celebrities so why is she catching so much flak for the Jackie Kennedy shoot? 

By now it’s no secret that Kim Kardashian and North West were involved in a Jackie Kennedy inspired photo shoot to go along with their interview in the September issue of Interview magazine. She probably didn’t think the shoot would be criticized so harshly.

It seems that many have something to say about the tone of Kim’s skin according to E! News. While she’s been known to change her appearance from porcelain pale to dark golden bronze, it seems that Kim is catching heat this time for going too dark. many felt that she had her skin darkened in order to match her biracial daughter North West.

There has also been some backlash over the Jackie Kennedy theme in general. While many thought the pictures were beautiful, others questioned what Kim may have been thinking posing as the former First Lady. It didn’t help when Interview magazine put the issue out with the words “The New First Lady” printed boldly on the cover.

It didn’t help when Interview magazine put the issue out with the words “The New First Lady” printed boldly on the cover. Some felt that was an affront to Melania, who became the actual First Lady when Donald Trump took office as the President of the United States earlier this year.

While Kim hasn’t bothered to comment on the controversy, it’s worth noting that Kim has a long history of dressing up as other celebrities. She especially likes to pay tribute to her idols which is likely why she decided to dress up as Jackie Kennedy, her current favorite

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Previously, Kim Kardashian was infatuated with Elizabeth Taylor. It should surprise no one that she already posed as the lavender-eyed movie goddess.

Even recently, in addition to the Jackie Kennedy shoot, Kim also did a magazine cover recently dressed and styled as Cher. She also recently shared photos from a shoot where she dressed in 90s gear and sported the Lil Kim pose.

If you want to jump way back in Kim’s career, back when she met Kanye on the set of his never-aired sketch comedy show, she was dressed as Princess Leia. Kanye, who made sure that Kim did a cameo for the show, was dressed as a Stormtrooper.

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Those aren’t even a full list of Kim Kardashian’s celebrity costumes over the years, just a few to illustrate that she happily pays homage to the style icons who have inspired her. There’s no need to tear her apart for it or hate the way she cosplays.

Those who follow Kim were mostly excited to see her portrayal of JFK’s wife. Knowing that Kardashian is a Jackie Kennedy superfan, it seems that dressing up as her would just be the next step. After all, she did win Jackie’s Cartier watch at a New York City auction in July.