Kendall Jenner breaks silence on Pepsi scandal in new KUWTK preview


Kendall Jenner finally reveals what she thought about the Pepsi scandal earlier this year. 

Doing a commercial for one of the biggest companies in America was a no-brainer for Kendall Jenner. The young model and reality star is smarter than most think. She had been excited to showcase the Pepsi commercial to the world, but when it debuted, the unthinkable happened.

One day following the Pepsi commercial release, it was pulled. Kendall Jenner became a huge target for angry people, and she shut out the world by refusing to discuss the incident. The company did release a statement about it and apologized to Jenner for the incident.

After months and months, fans will finally see what Kendall Jenner thought of the Pepsi commercial scandal. According to Us Weekly, there were instructions from Kendall’s team not to speak publicly on the matter. In a new preview clip from the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Jenner talks to Kim Kardashian about the scandal.

Kim Kardashian encouraged her little sister to speak up in the media. Get her story told, and to make sure the public knew where she stood.

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Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Kendall revealed she felt like her life was over following the April incident. The entire thing could have been avoided had Pepsi considered how people would see the commercial.

The entire thing could have been avoided had Pepsi considered how people would see the commercial. Viewers thought that Kendall Jenner was portraying the message that the Black Lives Matter Movement wasn’t as valued as the policemen she was sharing Pepsi with. There was a lot of hatred spewed about Kendall, much of which was posted and said publicly.

After the Pepsi scandal faded away, Kendall Jenner found more controversy with her little sister, Kylie. The Jenner sisters have been selling clothes together on their joint website. They caught heavy criticism for their failed repurposed concert t-shirt idea.

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Even more recently, the KUWTK stars were called out for cultural appropriation. Kendall and Kylie are often heavily criticized for what they do and don’t do. The Jenner sisters always seem to be knee-deep in controversy.