Caitlyn Jenner really misses having Kim Kardashian in her life


Caitlyn Jenner recently opened up about falling out with the Kardashians. 

Even though Caitlyn Jenner has been holding her head high since revealing her true self to the world, it turns out that the transgender reality star has a few things to get off her chest.

In a recent interview with Good Morning Britain, Caitlyn talked about her relationship, or the lack thereof, with Kris Jenner and her former stepchildren. She revealed that it is the loss of her relationship with Kim Kardashian that hurts the most.

After Caitlyn came out and admitted to the world that she is transgender, her family was incredibly supportive. It wasn’t until later when Jenner wrote a memoir that things got strained.

It’s really easy to see why Kris Jenner is so incredibly angry with Caitlyn. After all, there were many claims made about Kris in the book that she vehemently disagrees with. One of those being that she knew far more about Caitlyn being transgender than she let on.

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Caitlyn even claimed that back when she was still Bruce, she would cross-dress in front of Kris. Out of fear for the kids seeing it, Caitlyn said that Kris only allowed it during trips.

In Secrets of My Life, Caitlyn also claimed that Keeping Up With The Kardashians was initially her idea. She claimed to have pitched it to Kris, who then took off with the reality series idea and now claims that it was her idea.

Naturally, when Kris Jenner read all the things that Caitlyn said in her book, she was livid. One thing that isn’t a secret is that Kris has worked tirelessly to make sure her family is successful.

In many ways, she has been ruthless but she got them to the top. It had to hurt to see Caitlyn Jenner put many unflattering things about her in writing.

While Caitlyn says that she is very proud of her book, she is disappointed that Kris and her daughters go so upset about it.

“I went overboard to be nice, to be friendly, to be open, but also tell my story and my side of the story,” Caitlyn said. “Since the book came out, I’ve never talked to Kris again. Kim, I haven’t talked to in six, nine months, whatever it is.”

"“I love Kim. She’s a great person,” Jenner continued. “I have such respect for her as a mother, as a businessperson, but like Kris, she is very opinionated, but that’s okay. I love that about her. It’s unfortunate because actually, Kim was the first one I talked to about this issue. She was very straightforward with me. …”“It’s a big loss in my life, not having her there anymore. And to me, I mean, that’s sad. I love all my children. I raised them. I spent 20, almost 25 years of my life with all these kids.”"

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Although the feud between Caitlyn and her Keeping Up With The Kardashians family has been intense, she doesn’t feel like they’ll stay away from her forever. After all, the Kardashians are all about family and they can’t erase more than 20 years of history.