Fans plan Hey Mama Day to support Kanye West as Taylor Swift proves just how low she will go


Taylor Swift may have planned an awful revenge on Kanye West with the release date of her upcoming album.

It’s no secret that Kim and Kanye humiliated Taylor last year when they outed her. After she put out multiple statements regarding Kanye West’s “Famous,” Kim proved she knew about it all along. Now she’s back and she’s trying really hard to get revenge but so far, Taylor Swift is falling flat.

Critics have been trashing Taylor’s “Look What You Made Me Do” despite the new song breaking many records. Many feel like Swift didn’t deliver as far as diss tracks go. If she wants to beat Kim and Kanye, she’ll have to come up with something better.


That doesn’t mean lowering herself to the lowest possible depths and trying to needle a guy who is grieving his mom. Based on the release date for Swift’s upcoming album Reputation, that’s exactly what she’s doing.

While Taylor Swift hasn’t exactly come out and admitted that she chose November 10 to release her album because of the date’s significance to Kanye West, just remember that there are 364 other days in a year that she could have picked.

Any other day, any other week would have been fine. But to drop Reputation on the tenth anniversary of Donda West’s death is pretty shady. Don’t you think?

Now to be fair, Universal Music Group has spoken about the release date and what it might mean. They say it’s a coincidence and that Taylor Swift did not intentionally choose that day to shade West.

It turns out that droves of Kanye West fans don’t believe that. They think Taylor is taking her revenge plot too far. In response, they are doing something about it and we hope that Kanye appreciates the gesture.

In an effort to blot out Taylor Swift’s album release, Kanye West fans have proclaimed that November 10 is Hey Mama Day. They are hoping to celebrate Kanye’s mom so hard that it literally blots out the fact that Taylor’s new album was released.

For those who want to get in on the Kanye West support, here is the plan

On Hey Mama Day, everyone has been asked to stream Kanye West’s song “Hey Mama” on multiple streaming services all day long. The idea is to get the hit song dedicated to Donda West to rise straight to the top of the streaming charts.

As it was explained by Vibeit’s very hard for an effort like this to move a whole album up the charts. It shouldn’t be too hard to do that for one song. “Hey Mama” is the perfect choice because it is Kanye West’s song for his mother. What a great way to honor her memory.

What a great way to honor her memory. It’s also a great day to let Taylor Swift and her team know that, coincidence or not, dropping an album with known Kanye West shade on the anniversary of his mother’s death is low. Very, very low. So low that she may want to consider changing the date.

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After all, “Hey Mama” will be the number one song that day. That should be motivation enough to reschedule her album release, right?