Kim Kardashian blonde: KUWTK star lightens her locks for New York Fashion Week


It’s fall fashion season so leave it to Kim Kardashian to go lighter with a new blonde ‘do rather than embracing traditional looks for the cooler months. 

Kim Kardashian knows how to reinvent and stay relevant. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star did just that, again, ahead of her appearance at New York Fashion Week.

Recently, Kim has done two amazing photo shoots where she paid tribute to her idols, Jackie Kennedy and Cher. Despite racking up some criticism (because we know that someone is always has something to say about everything she does,) Kim managed to embody the spirit of both icons. Cher even made sure to tell Kim how proud she was.

Soon after hinting about wanting to do a nude photoshoot, Kim did just that. When we thought that her infamous Paper magazine cover was risque as it got, Kim gave us the “hold my beer” and then debuted a new nude photo where she’s literally wearing nothing but a pair of boots while she climbs a tree.

It was epic. We’re still picking our collective jaws up from the floor.

Leading up to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians 10th anniversary special and the Season 14 KUWTK premiere, don’t expect Kim to slow down. She has a brand to represent and a show to promote.

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So when Kim Kardashian showed up in New York City on Wednesday night, naturally she did it in the most headline grabbing way possible. She went blonde.

Not just any old blonde. Not like a natural honey blonde or a dirty dishwater ash blonde. Kim Kardashian went platinum. Some think she was trying to get there before Taylor Swift’s new album does.

Is this Kim Kardashian’s way of getting revenge on Taylor Swift? Some think so. We really don’t though. We really think this is Kim’s way of grabbing some headlines and maybe even starting a trend real quick in order to prove she’s still got it.

After all, she couldn’t go to NYFW nude, which is probably the only other thing she could have done to get so much attention. Don’t be too shocked if she wears sheer though.

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The Kardashians and Jenners are definitely trying to make nipples a thing lately. Nearly all of them have been trying to bring sheer to the top of the summer/fall trends.