Kylie Jenner explains embarrassing KUWTK moment


Kylie Jenner is a smart girl and she’s got a great explanation for why she thought Kris Jenner was gifting her a chicken when it was really a pig. 

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is returning soon to celebrate 10 years on TV. That’s why it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see a lot of flashbacks of seasons past. In one of the most recent KUWTK to be shared, Kylie Jenner took a moment to clear things up a bit.

Remember that scene from last season when Kris Jenner gifted Kylie with a pet pig? There’s a reason that Kylie Jenner thought that her mom was giving her a chicken and no, she’s not blind.

Some of us were having flashbacks to another classic reality TV show. Remember when Jessica Simpson had that infamous chicken/tuna blunder? It turns out that Kylie Jenner had been wanting a chicken really bad.

“For my housewarming gift I said, ‘Mom, I really want a chicken. That’s all I want. I want one chicken for my housewarming gift,'” Kylie explains. “So she walks in, my vision’s so bad I can’t even see anything. Jordyn knows. She’s like, ‘Kylie, I have a gift for you.’ It’s all wrapped up, can’t see anything. And I come down and I’m like, ‘Mom, is that the chicken?!’ And she’s like, ‘No.’ It was clearly a pig. But wow.”

Kylie Jenner has quite the collection of animals so a pig shouldn’t have really phased her. it turns out that she didn’t keep it though. Let’s just hope that the little bundle of bacon went to a good home.

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As for the chicken, it turns out that Kylie did get one and she named him Eddie. That’s because Kylie gets what she wants.