There’s no denying that Kim Kardashian’s bikini body is on point after latest round of photos


Kim Kardashian’s bikini body is like a fine wine, it seems to get better with age. 

There will be more nude photoshoots which means that Kim Kardashian’s bikini body is here to stay. Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans have been getting an eye full of the reality star’s assets lately. With so much exposure, it’s been noted that Kim has definitely slimmed down over the past few months and she’s looking better than ever.

Photos of Kim Kardashian’s bikini body made their way to the internet after she spent some time playing in the surf in Malibu. Still sporting platinum blonde hair, Kim was seen wearing a teeny black bikini.

All of those workouts she’s been sharing on Snapchat have certainly paid off. And let’s not kid ourselves, she may have had a few procedures done along the way too. That’s okay though, as the Mirror pointed out, there wasn’t a lump or bump to be seen on Kim’s flawless figure.

They compared the new photos of Kim Kardashian’s bikini body to a set taken just five months ago while she was playing in the ocean. It’s undeniable, Kim is definitely looking slimmer, more toned, and definitely much smoother than the previous photos showed.

Considering how harshly Kim was criticized just months ago for having dimples on her derriere, there has been some speculation that the latest beach romp may have been preplanned. It’s not a secret that if Kim goes anywhere near a public space, pictures will be taken and plastered everywhere. Add a string bikini to the mix and it’s an instant headline maker.

Kim Kardashian has already made it clear that she wants to do another nude photo shoot soon. She also said she has no immediate plans to stop and cover up.

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Who could blame her after all the transforming she’s done over the years. That’s a lot of hard work so we think she should keep doing her thing. We’re here for it!