Another Karashian lawsuit plagues the KUWTK family but this one is a little different


The Kardashians are no stranger to lawsuits and they keep a legal team on deck for occasions just like this.

The Kardashians have been sued a lot in the course of their decade on-air. As a matter of fact, there have been multiple lawsuits waged against the reality TV family this year. The lawsuit facing Kris Jenner and as well as Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian isn’t like any of the others.

The latest Kardashian lawsuit has been waged by John LaBonty, who was the CEO and President of Boldface according to TMZ. The significance here is that LaBonty claims that Boldface had a contract with the Kardashians to market all of their beauty brands and we know they have quite a few going on.

Kris, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe were named in the report. Kendall and Kylie were not named and that could be that the agreement was signed before they started branching out and building their own beauty brands.

The lawsuit alleges that Boldface is entitled to 5 percent of all Kardashian beauty profits due to a contract they had. Now here’s where it gets interesting. And by interesting, I mean that it may or may not be the loophole or the reason that the Kardashians need to get out of paying up.

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Boldface doesn’t even exist as a company anymore. The beauty marketing firm transformed into another company. However, John LaBonty believes that he still has the right to a cut of the Kardashian pie.

LoBonty has accused Kris Jenner and her Kardashian daughters of dropping the ball when it came to marketing their products. He says that their lack of support made it impossible to profit from marketing their products.

What might this lawsuit cost the Kardashians? Well, LaBonty believes he’s owed somewhere between $6 million to $32 million. That’s a pretty huge range and at least for now there are very few details at how he even arrived at those numbers.

Other Kardashian lawsuits

This just piles on to the array of other Kardashian lawsuits including a recent suit against Kendall and Kylie over those concert t-shirts gone wrong. Tupac photographer Michael Miller won’t drop his lawsuit even though the Jenner sisters canceled the line and apologized.

There’s also a lawsuit against Kim Kardashian for her endorsement of the LuMee selfie light pone case. Another company claims they came up with the idea first but that when Kim endorsed the LuMee brand, it wrecked their profits.

Khloe Kardashian avoided a lawsuit but did end up at the center of a design stealing scandal over the summer. After Khloe revealed a recent line of bodysuits for her clothing label, designer Destiney Bleu blasted the Good American partner claiming that the ideas were lifted straight from her line.

Certainly, this won’t be the last Kardashian lawsuit, possibly not for this year even. The Boldface claims waged by John LaBounty are worth paying attention to, though.

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The Kardashians have historically been all about their business. It’s hard to imagine that they dropped the ball on such a big deal like a marketing contract that could cost them millions.