Kim Kardashian cries fake news over reports that she cried upon hearing Kylie Jenner pregnancy news


With the Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors roaring at full volume, Kim Kardashian throws a curve ball and suggests at least some of it may be fake news. 

A lot has been said since Friday, when the world learned that Kylie Jenner is pregnant…maybe. One story that broke today claimed that Kim Kardashian cried when she learned that her baby sister was pregnant. It turns out that Kim may not have cried and she’s not going to let reports claim she did.

Do you want to know what she didn’t deny? Those pesky Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors. It’s really starting to look like she might be having a baby in a few short months.

It all started when People reported that Kim Kardashian had a hard time accepting the news that Kylie and her rapper boyfriend Travis Scott are expecting a baby. The report claimed that Kim “didnt respond well.”

That story got picked up by Harper’s Bazaar, who then tweeted it out with the caption, “This sounds like a very awkward conversation…”

. Kim, who obviously follows the high fashion magazine on social media, saw the report and responded. She captioned her retweet of the article, “This sounds like a very fake story…”

Not done clearing up the misconceptions, Kim Kardashian moved on to the reports that Caitlyn Jenner confirmed the news through her rep. She wrote, “And speaking of fake stories… The media is super shady for posting fake quotes from Caitlyn when she hasn’t spoke to anyone.”

How does Kim know that? She hasn’t even talked to Caitlyn Jenner for how long? Unless they had Caitlyn sign an NDA before getting the news. Don’t put that past Kris Jenner, she’d totally do it. The KUWTK momager knows a thing or two about keeping NDAs on hand.

To make her point crystal clear, Kim Kardashian tweeted this GIF and then pinned it, letting us all know how unbothered she is by the latest round of KUWTK rumors.

That’s a lot of rumor clearing to completely ignore the Kylie Jenner rumors. We’re still left wondering whether she is or is not pregnant. However, the way Kim Kardashian debunked her own crying story and made it more than clear that Caitlyn wasn’t talking, we cant help but wonder if she didn’t mention Kylie because maybe it’s true?

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What do you think of the way Kim handled the fake news reports? Do you think this proves that Kylie is pregnant or should we wait to see if she starts showing first?