Kim Kardashian reveals her plans for Paris Fashion Week


It has been almost one year since Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris at gunpoint. 

Last year was a tough one for Kim Kardashian. She was shaken to her core when she was robbed in Paris during Fashion Week. As the event approaches once again, fans have been wondering if the reality star will return this year.

Kourtney Kardashian has decided to attend Paris Fashion Week this year despite what happened to her sister last year. According to US Weekly, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner will both skip Paris this year. It isn’t shocking, especially after seeing how the robbery affected Kardashian.

Fans watched as Kim Kardashian aired footage from Keeping Up With the Kardashians that was taken during the time when the robbery occurred. The show filmed Kardashian and company while in Paris, but the footage after the robbery was the most powerful.

She has talked about how things changed after the incident occurred. Kim took a three-month hiatus from social media, only returning at the beginning of this year. Most of the photos now are less focused on what she has and more focused on how she looks.

. In fact, Kardashian stopped flaunting her extensive jewelry collection and other prized possessions. Things that were once important to her have become unimportant.

Skipping Paris Fashion Week is a good idea for the style icon. There is too much at stake for her to return to the country where she was assaulted. The weeks after the robbery were tough for Kim Kardashian.

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Kim was accused of faking the stunt for publicity and the reaction of the general public was brutal. It was a high-tension time for the whole family, one that was a pivotal point for them. Kendall Jenner avoiding Paris Fashion Week speaks volumes about the risks, especially as she is a high-profile model.