Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are at war after mediation fails


Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna had mediation this week and apparently, it did not go well. 

The drama between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna is far from over. The former couple is still unable to resolve the lawsuit Chyna brought against Rob over the revenge porn posts to Instagram and Twitter. Now he’s suing her back, alleging that she got violent with him last December.

Now that Blac Chyna has dropped the domestic violence charges in lieu of $20,000 per month in child support for Dream, Rob Kardashian picked them right up. Since Chyna won’t back down on the millions she wants after Rob posted her nude pictures, the only thing he really can do is sue her back. And that’s precisely what he is doing.

It’s no secret that Blac Chyna went berzerk last December and did quite a bit of damage to the house that she and Rob were renting from Kylie. Rob shared his devastation on Snapchat after Chyna took baby Dream and moved out.

It turns out that a lot more went on than originally told and Rob claims Chyna was physically violent with him. In a new lawsuit obtained by The Blast, Rob is suing Chyna for attempting to strangle him with an iPhone cord. He also claims that she ripped his shirt and hit him in the head and face.

As if that isn’t bad enough, the allegations in Rob Kardashian’s lawsuit get even worse. He claims that the same night, Blac Chyna Facetimed with two of his friends while she was playing with his gun. Rob claims Chyna even pointed it at the screen. He also says that Chyna had been taking drugs and drinking alcohol prior to the altercation.

Rob Kardashian’s injuries at the hands of Blac Chyna are reportedly documented and so was the aftermath of their blowup. Chyna can’t deny that something happened on the night of December 16 because Rob told his side of the story to everyone who would listen via Snapchat and it was even featured on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

Kylie Jenner is suing Rob Kardashian’s ex too

In addition to Rob’s lawsuit, Kylie Jenner is reportedly suing her too. She claims that the damage done to the house amounted to $100,000 and Kylie wants Chyna to pay for it.

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Rob Kardashian’s lawsuit goes even further to tarnish Blac Chyna. In it, there are reportedly claims that Chyna is nothing but a “pseudo-celebrity” who preys on the famous. That certainly lines up with assumptions that many fans made when Rob and Chyna started dating.

It was also reported in the lawsuit that Chyna’s sole purpose of hooking up with Rob and for getting pregnant was so that she could get some revenge on the Kardashian family. After all, Kylie started dating Tyga soon after he ended an engagement to Chyna and there has always been tension between them. Chyna also lost Kim as a friend over that relationship.

As for why it took Rob Kardashian so long to even file a suit against Chyna? Apparently, it’s because he was still in love with her and wanted to figure things out without putting the mother of his child behind bars.

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Now that Chyna is coming after him for millions, the gloves have come off. While Rob Kardashian’s net worth may not be that high at $6 million, the rest of his family has very deep pockets. If they want to drag this out and bankrupt Blac Chyna, they certainly could.