Blac Chyna retaliates against Rob Kardashian by joining Amber Rose Slutwalk 2017


Blac Chyna is doing everything she can to get back at Rob Kardashian and this latest move makes her look a little bit desperate!

It has become even more evident now that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are no longer together that their relationship was no more than a money grab for the former stripper. After reaching a child support and custody deal with Rob.

Chyna turned around and sued again for the revenge porn posts that he made. Chyna is hoping that Rob’s family will pay a multi-million dollar settlement out of fear that if they don’t, she’ll share many damaging Kardashian secrets.

While Blac Chyna’s plan may have worked mostly in her favor, when it went legal she may have lost some footing. Chyna’s lawyer is Lisa Bloom, who has made a name for herself lately and it hasn’t been in a good way. In addition to defending Chyna, she’s also become legal counsel for the Usher herpes accuser Quantasia Sharpton as well as Kevin Hart’s other woman.

On the other hand, Rob Kardashian hired an old colleague of his father’s, Robert Shapiro. Whether or not Blac Chyna walks away will millions depends on the strategies of the lawyers and right now, Chyna is looking a little played.

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In order to get her way with child support, Chyna agree to drop the domestic violence charges she was making against Rob. When she brought the revenge porn back up, in hopes of a bigger paycheck, the Kardashians went into action because they were not about to let Chyna walk away with more cash.

Rob sued Blac Chyna for domestic violence from last December and her carnage is well documented. Likewise, Kylie Jenner sued Chyna as well because, if you may recall, Rob and Chyna were living in her house during that Christmas-time blowout and claims that Chyna caused about $100k in damage.

At this point, we thought that Blac Chyna had played all of her cards but she has one more. Rather than attending Slutwalk 2017 to support her best friend Amber Rose, Chyna is doing it so she can take more shots at Rob Kardashian.

Chyna has big plans to take the stage during her friend’s event as a victim of revenge porn, according to the Daily Mail. Keep in mind that Chyna’s stated reason for even suing over the revenge porn is for lost wages. She claims that many companies are no longer wanting her for endorsements knowing that her body isn’t natural.

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Before Rob posted pictures of her botched surgery and claimed he spent $100k putting her back together, Chyna used to lie and say she didn’t have surgery. We haven’t forgotten that.