Kylie Jenner pregnancy reveal — When is it happening?


Kylie Jenner may finally be ready to reveal her pregnancy, and we think we know when it is happening. 

Next week, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is going to be bringing the excitement. Of course, there will be a brand new episode on Sunday, but there will be a second, brand new episode on Monday as well.

KarJenner fans are squealing with excitement because it looks like Kylie Jenner may FINALLY be announcing her pregnancy. Of course, this would only be a confirmation, not an official announcement. But, fans would be able to see the family’s reaction in real time if that is what is happening.

A new KUWTK sneak peek released suggests there are multiple announcements coming. We know that Khloe Kardashian is going to be announcing her pregnancy to her friends and family on the show. That has already been confirmed. Previews have also shown the reaction of stunned partygoers.

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It has been tormenting waiting on Kylie Jenner to announce her pregnancy. From the beginning, fans believed it was true because there was never a denial.

Jenner has been good about outright denying things almost immediately. There are several other clues that indicate this was the truth, however, the biggest was never commenting. Kylie basically went into hiding once the pregnancy was released.

With two new episodes airing back to back, there are some huge speculations happening. Kylie Jenner announcing, or rather confirming, her pregnancy could be ratings gold. There is also the possibility that people will be over it and avoid tuning in.

Jenner has disappeared, not even interacting with her fans. While her business is still booming, her fan relations department needs work.

In a week, the world could finally have answers about Kylie Jenner and her pregnancy. This is going to be a highly-anticipated event, if only for the true KarJenner fans. A Kylie Jenner baby is something people have been talking about for months, and now, it could be a reality.

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Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday and Monday. If nothing else, at least Kylie Jenner makes an appearance on Facetime. That is better than it has been all season for Jenner, except when she was filmed from the waist up on the Christmas special. Let’s see how many stunning announcements KUWTK will provide for fans with a two-night event.